“The North Bay Zoomers are very grateful to Mike for coming to help us “squeeze the juice out of every moment of our lives.” Thank you Mike Moore!”

Bob and Madeline Mantha

“Wow! I am so glad I was able to drop by & listen to your presentation last week at the NF Lion’s celebration. Your message was wonderful. Your delivery was smooth, eloquent & engaging. You certainly know how to capture the crowd. Great sense of humour as well.”

B. MacDougall, Principal, Niagara Falls

“Thanks for coming to St. Mary’s High School, yet again, to inspire and support our kids. It is always a pleasure to watch you work your magic with folks. Continue doing the fine work you do. Thanks again.”

Joan Grundy
Head of Student Services

“Hi Mike!
I attended the W.R.D.S.B. educational assistant’s workshop Fri., Feb. 22 and had the pleasure of hearing you speak. To be honest I rarely have a good time at these workshops. I certainly never laugh as hard as I did last Friday. Thank you so much for coming to speak to us. Your talk really made my day! Thanks again. Thanks again.”

Betsy Hofman


“Dear Mike, WOW! As I said after your keynote–you were everything we hoped and prayed for.”

Sheila Hart, Conference Committee
Yellowknife Catholic Schools