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The Teaching Power of Stories

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How to Master The Art Of
MAGNETIC Storytelling


When You Tell a Story People Listen.

Mike Moore
Mike Moore’s
” The Art Of Magnetic Storytelling”
Hot Mp3 Audio  Reveals the Astonishing Secrets to Becoming An Entertaining and Captivating, Storyteller.


Your children, young or older, hate being preached at but love to be told stories so why not package your sermon in the form of a story and watch  them really want to listen to what you have to say.

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Mike: “Over the years I have read books by supposedly “master” storytellers but nothing approaches your audio, The Art of Magnetic Storytelling for sheer volume of useful information.” Charles Town, Florida, USA


“Mike has a very engaging style.  He has a way of telling stories that makes people want to listen.  You’ll hear how he really captivates his audience when he tells a story. This is something every speaker should want to master.”

                Bryan Caplovitz of Speaker Match

Give me just 60 minutes listening time and I’ll teach you how to become a Magnetic storyteller people are drawn to and can’t wait to hear.



Storytelling techniques for Speakers, Parents, Preachers, Trainers, Consultants,
Teachers and  Conversationalists

by Speaker/storyteller Mike Moore

A report containing all you need to know to make your audience and your presentation come alive and stay that way using the awesome, spellbinding power of storytelling.


Dear Friend
My name is Mike Moore and I am a professional speaker and  committed storyteller. It doesn’t matter who your audience is or how old they are they’ll love you if you tell them stories.

You could be in a bar or at a house party telling a humorous or profound story the fact  is always the same… people love to tell and  be told stories.

Notice that I underlined the words tell  and told when referring to how stories are delivered.  I did not use the word read. Anyone can read a story ( some better than others) but not everyone can tell a great story.

When you tell a story you make it your own.  You can add or subtract details and add texture and suspense with your voice, gestures and facial expressions.  In short you become an actor in your own drama and if you really know what you’re doing you can have the audience in the palm of your hand in no time.

It is important to remember that we human beings have an insatiable appetite for stories. From the time we were children when we constantly asked our parents to, ” Tell me a story” until the present time nothing has changed. We love to listen to and tell stories.

Life is filled with experiences and when we share these experiences we are telling stories. When we listen to the experiences of others we are sharing their stories. Can you imagine life without stories? What would we talk about?

To validate this human hunger for stories all you have to do is observe what happens when you meet an old friend you haven’t seen for some time. The first thing you want to do is find out what they’ve been up to. This is a request to be told stories.

This natural hunger for stories provides speakers, teachers, managers, parents and friends and  with a powerful magnetic tool to connect with and hold peoples’ interest and attention.

Stories inform, entertain and grab peoples’ attention. Use them often and effectively and watch people come alive in your presence.

Let me show you how to become a collector and a captivating teller of stories   whether you are a speaker or someone who just wants to improve their social storytelling  skills.

Reasons to Believe what I say…

1.  I am successfully practicing the art of magnetic storytelling every time I  give a presentation.  And I give over 40 per year.   This is how I earn my living.

2. True Story:
I once met a former student I hadn’t seen since his senior year in High School. After we made the usual comments about how nice it was to see one another he looked at me and said, ” Mr. Moore, do you remember telling us the story about Josephine?”  I replied, ” Yes I do. Don’t tell me you remember that story after all these years.”  He then proceeded to tell me the entire story in detail.  I couldn’t believe it.

I’m sure he couldn’t tell me anything about the academic content I covered in his senior year, but he recalled every detail of that story.

Note:  The story was used to get my students discussing a relevant issue within society…Racism.

My belief in the power of story to promote attention and retention was validated then and continues to be in my contact with audiences throughout North America.


Take a look at what these satisfied buyers have to say about my Storytelling Audio mp3

Dear Mike,

As a storyteller/speaker and writer I am always on the lookout for material that will help me to grow and to be more effective in those particular areas.

Over the years I have read books by supposedly “master” storytellers but nothing approaches your audio, “The Art of Magnetic Storytelling” for sheer volume of useful information.

Keep mining the gold and sharing it with us Mike,

Sincerely, Charles Town,  Florida




I cannot say enough good things about your ” Magnetic Storytelling” audio.  Last week I implemented some of your suggestions in a three part series I gave.  Had people laughing and crying.  Yesterday, had the same thing happen.  What is most amazing was your advice about not pointing out what you want the audience to learn from your stories.  Both weekends, I have had people come up and tell me what they got out of my talk – they were getting things out that I hadn’t put in!

Thanks again – you’ve given me an extremely valuable tool that I hadn’t realized I was missing.  It has radically transformed my effectiveness!

God bless!

Bob Fogarty


Hi Mike,

I am glad to hear you have another product about storytelling. I enjoyed the first one on magnetic storytelling.  I listened to it over and over again and applied story telling to a group of 40 teenagers. I must say it works.
Lisa Badillo
Youth Counselor
UNIDAD of Miami Beach, Inc.
New Generation Leadership & Workforce Institute

Hi Mike,

I really enjoyed listening to your story telling audio. I’ve always wanted to make a CD like that on personal finance, but I haven’t yet found out how to go about it. You have an excellent speaking voice and the how to tips were invaluable. I have already begun collecting stories from everyday life that I will incorporate into my seminar presentations.  

Thanks again,

Morris  M.

Upper Montclair N.J.

What you Get for your money.

Instruction on…
* the art of storytelling ( Delivery Tips)
* how to develop a story from a story line
* personal power storytelling
* why stories captivate the listener
* how many stories we listen to a year
* our hunger for stories
* how to become a story hound
* where to get tons of great stories
* what kind of stories to look for
* how to mine the moments of your life for their story content
* how to tell great stories so that people remember them and you
* why you should never read stories to people
* how to infuse your presentations with a generous  dose of stories
* things you should never leave home without
* how to find humorous/serious stories everywhere


No parent/ speaker/ teacher/ consultant or conversationalist should be without
” The Art of Magnetic Storytelling “
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“All speaking is public speaking…unless of course you just love staying in a little room alone
 talking to yourself.”
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Here are two samples of Life Lesson stories from my ebook of 30 stories.To order your copy of “Tell Me A Story” ( 30 Life Lesson Stories) Check it out Here

An Angelic Visit  with a Twist

In an ancient and far away city there lived two successful and very competitive merchants who hated one another and were constantly trying to better the other.
One night a messenger from God visited one of the merchants and told him that he was instructed to grant him one wish and one wish only.
There was only one condition attached to the granting of the wish. Whatever the merchant wished for, the other merchant would receive double his wish.
The merchant pondered his decision while the angel waited patiently.
After a short time the merchant looked at the angel with a slight smile on his face and said, ” Make me blind in one eye.”


The Power of Attitude

Two women turned seventy about the same time and were both engaged in deciding how they would spend their remaining years.
One decided to prepare for death and started selling her belongings just keeping what she absolutely needed. She sold her house and moved into a condo and just started to take life easy.
The other woman named Hulda Crooks took a path less traveled. She started training in preparation for a grand adventure.
Where did her path take her?
Hulda Crooks became the first 70 year old woman to successfully climb Mount Fuji in Japan.