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The Teaching Power of Stories

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When telling a story we must resist the temptation to explain its message and lessons. With this in mind I offer this relevant story for your consideration. What does it say to you?

An Angelic Visit  with a Twist

In an ancient and far away city there lived two successful and very competitive merchants who hated one another and were constantly trying to better the other.
One night a messenger from God visited one of the merchants and told him that he was instructed to grant him one wish and one wish only.
There was only one condition attached to the granting of the wish. Whatever the merchant wished for, the other merchant would receive double his wish.
The merchant pondered his decision while the angel waited patiently.
After a short time the merchant looked at the angel with a slight smile on his face and said, ” Make me blind in one eye.”


The Power of Attitude

Two women turned seventy about the same time and were both engaged in deciding how they would spend their remaining years.
One decided to prepare for death and started selling her belongings just keeping what she absolutely needed. She sold her house and moved into a condo and just started to take life easy.
The other woman named Hulda Crooks took a path less traveled. She started training in preparation for a grand adventure.
Where did her path take her?
Hulda Crooks became the first 70 year old woman to successfully climb Mount Fuji in Japan.


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