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Public Speaking for Profit and Pleasure

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Speaker Mike Moore’s  Speaking Manual

Public Speaking for Profit and Pleasure


“How to Start a Part-time/Full-time Motivational Speaking Business that Can Quickly Generate $5000+ a Month In Extra Income

Hi Mike. Just wanted to touch base. Studying the guide. Good stuff, very well put together, user friendly, interesting, well written and most importantly…not boring. Good job. Look forward to speaking with you soon.
Your Mentee,
William G Brown  Ontario, Canada
Becoming a Very Well Paid Motivational Speaker
Even if You’ve NEVER SPOKEN in public Before
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Don’t Envy A Successful  Speaker… 

In what other career can you earn fantastic money for… 
doing what you love to do, 
talking about what you love to talk about  and 
have a ton of fun doing it?

Learn from a pro, the art and business of professional speaking while you commute.

What you Receive for your Money…




ONLY $19.00 (Canadian)  ( 100% Money Back Guarantee)

Here’s what you’ll receive for your investment

Mike’s Complete Profitable Speaking Manual
Public Speaking for Profit and Pleasure…

In your own copy of Public Speaking For Profit and Pleasure You will discover…

How to Write a Speech People want to listen to

How to Become a Well Paid Speaker

How to Become Well Known 

How to Prepare and Deliver Power Packed Presentations 

How to Develop Self Confidence 

What to Talk About 

How to Produce Your Own Information Products to Sell After Each Speech 

How to Remember Your Speech Content Without Using Notes 

How to Overcome the Fear Of Public Speaking 

General Speaking Tips 

More on Self Promotion 

Conducting a Full Day Seminar 

How to Work A Room 

BONUS… With your purchase I will include a downloadable copy of
” 35 Ways to Get Speaking Engagements”


Your E-book “Public Speaking For Profit & Pleasure” was packed full of great information that I was unable to find anywhere else.  You obviously are a speaking pro who knows what he’s doing and is kind enough to articulate all the important & fascinating details for those of us just getting started. 
 Everything from “organizing a speech” to “the power of a smile” was detailed in a clear and helpful manner.  Thanks for the GREAT work that you do, but most of all thanks for sharing it with those of us who’d like to follow in your footsteps! 
 Hope to talk to you soon!
Mike Randall   Buffalo New York

When you purchase a copy of Speaking for Profit and Pleasure I will personally email you a bonus gift of

121 Secrets to Profitable Speaking

Benefits of the Speaking Business…
In what other business can you…

*  have start up costs that won’t break the bank. I started with 500 business cards and a homemade flyer

*  earn $2500 and up for giving a one hour speech and have all your expenses paid?

*  be your own boss and work out of your home office with no stressful, long commutes?

*  give 3 speeches a month and earn more than most people  do working daily full time?

*  earn an extra $5000 monthly giving just two presentations?

*  can you work three or four days a month and have the rest of the month to yourself?( Although you do need to promote your business when not speaking)  

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