Stress Busting Kit (Stretched to the Limit)

        Stretched to the Limit


Each day we experience over 50 stress inducing situations with absolutely no idea how to manage them…until now. Learn how to relax and squeeze every drop of happiness, fun and peace of mind from the only life you have.

(How to Live Relaxed in A Stressed Out World)



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57 Stress Busting Cartoons ( As individual jpeg files)

Permission to use the above cartoons in memos, presentations and on staff bulletin boards is granted with your purchase.


60  Minute audio mp3
( Managing Stress Using Positive Attitude and Humour)

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If humour cuts stress in half and reduces blood pressure then WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?
Let’s  put humour to work relieving your stress

Bottom Line… Unmanaged Stress is the #1 health threat facing us today. It’s killing us and we MUST do something about it.

The Hurried Woman Syndrome
” Show me an unhurried woman and I’ll show you…A MAN!
Table of Contents

*  Stress in the Workplace
* How I  Became Involved with Stress Management

*  Managing Stress Not Eliminating  It*  Humor in Stress Management

*  The Role Of Laughter

*  Your Own Stress Management Program

*  Thoughts About Stress

* The Damaging Effects of Stress

*  The Financial Costs of Unmanaged Stress

*  Ten Simple Ways to Relax During Your Busy Day

*  The Healing Power of Laughter

*  Stress Quiz

*  A Prescription for Wellness

*  Ten Effective Self Motivating Tips

*  How to Really Start Living

*   The Simple Art of Meditation

*  How to Foster a Happy and Healthy Workplace

*  The Humour Journal

* The  Therapeutic Benefits of Humor


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