Tell Me A Story


30 Life Lesson Stories for Parents and Teacher in a downloadable pdf format

People love to be told stories but are easily turned off when they are told poorly.

Here are ten effective tips to make sure your stories are told well and captivate
your listeners.
1. Be on the lookout for stories throughout your day. Stories are everywhere so
carry a notepad with you and jot the storyline down in point form. Flesh it out
2. Know the story you are going to tell.
3. Keep it short, crisp and flowing.
4. Don’t be afraid to make it your own.
5. Tell the story don’t read it. Anyone can read a story not everyone can tell a
story well.
6. Use your voice for dramatic effect.
7. Never let a story drag on and on.
8. Don’t get bogged down with detail.
9. Insert stories into general conversation whenever you get the chance.
I heard the other day…
I read in the paper recently about…
I saw a man/woman in the coffee shop and….
These are just a few of the many ways to insert your story into conversation.
10. Never explain your story to your listeners. Let the story speak for itself.

Here are 30 stories from my extensive collection in a downloadable ebook format. Get to know them and start
using them in your education as a storyteller.