Humor In the Workplace downloadable PDF


In this PDF we will show you how to create a “Thank God it’s Monday” workplace.

Creating a positive culture at work using Humor and Recognition!

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Of all the workshops and seminars I do on human potential and performance motivation, the most frequently requested topics are those related to stress, morale and the role of humor in the workplace. While humor can do a great deal to lessen worker stress and raise staff morale, it does work more effectively when combined with an effective program promoting and fostering appreciation and praise.

William James once said that we have a hunger to be appreciated and praised and he is right on the mark in my opinion. For this reason I have included sections on appreciation, praise, stress
reduction and burnout as part of this report. They do go hand in hand.

When people with whom you work feel appreciated they feel valued and will be more productive as a result. When you add an atmosphere of humor you end up with a happy, productive and profitable workplace. Isn’t that what we are in business for?

The bottom line is: It pays to care, to praise and to laugh.