How to Parent Teenagers and Stay Sane…


” Doris Had The Secret To Parenting Teenagers And I Wanted It! By Mike Moore

When I first met Doris she had been recently widowed at the young age of 45. She was now the single parent of three active teenage boys and whatever she was doing she was doing right. Her boys obviously loved and respected her and enjoyed every minute in her company. What was her secret?? I needed to know as I was the father of three sons on the verge of becoming teens and I wanted the relationship with my sons that Doris had with hers.

I thought taking her to lunch would provide the ideal opportunity to tap her parenting wisdom so I extended the invitation and she accepted. When the moment was right I made my move. ” Doris, you have such a great relationship with your sons. What’s your secret? ” She smiled and said, ” Mike it’s really quite simple. See everything, overlook a lot, change what you can and know when to shut your mouth and listen.”

Doris died much too young but what a legacy she left behind for her family and mine. I have tried to make her message the core of my family life and my teaching with some difficulty and much success. ( I still have a tendency to want to preach.)

Today Carol and I have 4 adult offspring who obviously love their Mom and Dad very much and genuinely enjoy being with us. Whenever we’re together LAUGHTER RULES and laughter is a great indication of a good relationship.

In my ebook ” How to Parent Teenagers and Stay Sane ”  Click to Order Your copy I incorporate Doris’ parenting wisdom along with what Carol and I have learned in the parenting and teaching trenches. These tips, tools and techniques will make the world of difference in your short term and long term relationship with your difficult teens.

Thank you Doris.


Remember: If Parenting Was Meant To Be Easy It Wouldn’t Begin With Something Called Labor.


Attention Frustrated, Stressed Out Parents Of Teenagers!!!

“You are only minutes away from discovering how to turn your nightmare teenager into someone you enjoy having around and look forward to being friends with when the teenage years are over.
( Yes, they will be over…sooner than you think.)”

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Dear Stressed Out Parent

If you’re like most parents you want a good relationship with your teenagers but you don’t want to be their personal doormat in the process. Do you find that the stresses and strains of living and working are enough to handle let alone adding the stress and frustration of parenting teenagers to the mix? I thought so! As one parent said to me at one of my seminars, ” Mike, I just don’t have the energy to fight with them anymore… so I give in. Now I’m a pushover and they know it. I Like this quote…. ” Parents are the bones children sharpen their teeth on.” It sure seems that way. When you come home from work frazzled and have to face raging teenage hormones it is damn difficult to be the patient, understanding, fun-loving parent who just constantly delights in celebrating flowering adolescence. You know it’s a stage but you find yourself wishing they would take the first one out of town and leave you in peace. You find yourself treated like a leper by your teenager. They often don’t even acknowledge your existence when they’re with you in public. You’ve tried to put into practice what you’ve read in magazine articles and STILL things remain the same. Something is definitely missing and you are at your wit’s end. Discover what’s missing and what you CAN do about it NOW .

Mike Moore’s ” How to Parent Teenagers and Stay Sane” ( A Parent’s Survival Guide)

An Absolute MUST for families!! (Tips, Tools and Techniques)The most important piece of property in the house to build family fun, togetherness and foster communication is the fridge door.
Just stop and think how many times a teenager opens it throughout the day.

Let Me Show You Around My

Parent’s Survival Guide

Inside 25 Ways…

  • Try this when your teen has an negative reaction to authority Tip #2
  • What to do when they say…REALLY!!! I’m not a child!! Tip# 4
  • What to do if you can’t communicate with your teen. Tip #5
  • Two little words that heal and bond Tip #7
  • The 3 R’s of effective parenting Tip #8
  • 2 magic words that work wonders Tip#9
  • Stop doing this and watch great things happen Tip#10
  • Trust your teen…BUT… Tip 12
  • Do this and watch their self esteem and confidence soar Tip #22
  • A simple curfew device Tip # 24


Let’s not mince words…Your teenager is driving you bonkers and you just can’t take it any longer. Well if it’s any comfort YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!


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Remember: If Parenting Was Meant To Be Easy It Wouldn’t Begin With Something Called Labor.

When Parenting Teenagers NEVER DESPAIR
You’re Not Alone!

No matter the trouble they give you No matter the pain and the sorrow Always, Always remember You’ll be laughing about it tomorrow.
Mike Moore alias W. Shakespeare

Learn 25 ways to successfully cope with defiant teenagers by former High School teacher/ parent and speaker Mike Moore


A Recenty Testimonial From A ” You’re Not Alone” Keynote In Ottawa At A Parenting Teenagers Conference.

Hi Mike,
I got a lot of very good feedback from our parents about how much they enjoyed your keynote presentation. We were very pleased with the turn out and all the enthusiasm for your talk, your workshop and our other workshops. I was in the “Drugs, Alcohol and Teens” workshop and the facilitators referred to your comments throughout their workshop…..if that isn’t endorsement, I don’t know what is!
Take care and hopefully our paths will cross again.

Joanne MacEwan Ottawa Canada,Parenting Conference Co-ordinator

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