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Who’s the King of the Jungle??

By February 3, 2019Uncategorized


The Confident Lion…A Risky Business

Leo the Lion was King of the Jungle and wanted everyone to know it.
Once a week he would position himself beside the path leading to the watering hole and as the animals came to drink he would block their path until they answered one question…”Who is the King of the Jungle?”

Each animal was expected to answer in a convincing voice, ” YOU ARE OH GREAT LEO.” Then, and only then, would they be allowed to drink from the watering hole.

One day while Leo was asking his BIG question he was
approached by a huge elephant who was in a terrible mood. As he came near, Leo roared his question, ” WHO IS THE KING OF THE JUNGLE?”

Not being in any mood for this nonsense the elephant wrapped his trunk around Leo and threw him high in the air. On his way down he grabbed him again and slammed him hard into the ground.
When the dazed Leo came to his senses he looked up at the irritated elephant and said, ” Hey, if you don’t know the answer just say so.”

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