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Ordering Hard Copy Booklets for Parents, Teachers and Principals

How to Pocket Guides

1. How to Parent Teenagers and Stay Sane

 2. 53 Natural Stress Busters ( A student back pack guide)

 3.How to Bully-proof Your Child

4. How to Create a Bully Free Classroom


To Place a order for  multiple copies of any of the pocket guides listed above just…

1. Select the booklet and the number of copies you want and  multiply by $5.00 each ( Regular price is $8.00)

2.Visit www.Paypal.com  

3. Select Send Money and insert the amount to be sent , then send to mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

When I receive notice of your payment being processed I will package your order and send it out to you by return mail...postage paid in Canada and the USA  (Other countries add $5.00)


To Place a Traditional Order… Follow  #1 above then send the total amount  via personal cheque/check or money order  to…

Mike Moore, 193 Balmoral  Dr. Brantford ON Canada N3R7S2


Thank You for your order… Mike Moore 


To order digital copies of any of the above visit HERE


Licensing Reprint Rights Available on one or all of these pocket guides.

For a one time fee of $100 per title you will be granted the rights to reproduce  the booklet(s) indefinitely.

When your payment has been received from Paypal.com you will be sent the pdf file(s) to each booklet selected. You can put them up on your website for download  or take them to a printer and have them published as is.

One stipulation…No changes can be made to the content or format other than  the insertion of your contact infomation on the inside cover page or elsewhere.



Visit www.Paypal.com  

Select Send  at the top of the paypal page and insert the amount to be sent , then send to mikemoore@speakforprofit.com

Each booklet license = $100 Canadian Funds

I will be in touch by email as soon as payment is received.