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Food for Thought

“The Magnetic Power of Storytelling

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Story #1  It’s Just Impossible to Please Everyone

Long ago on a small farm outside a remote country village there lived a father and son who grew vegetables to earn their living.

Each Saturday morning they would take their produce, by donkey, to the local market about 2 miles away.

One Saturday morning they both rode the donkey to the market with the produce on their backs. The people on route looked at the father and son on the donkey and said, Continue Reading Here




Give Your Life a Lift and a Laugh

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A couple of humorous quotations plus a New Cartoon

” I remember things the way they should have been.” Truman Capote

” ” How is it possible to have a civil war?” George Carlin

” ” Anyone who sleeps in the trunk of a car deserves to be shot.” Al Capone

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121 Thoughts on Hope, Joy and Inspiration

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Hi Friends,

We all know that positive thoughts and visualization are really effective when it comes to re-educating our subconscious mind and changing our behavior.

My interest in the life changing power of  positive thought and visualization started in my mid twenties (quite a few years ago) when I picked up a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s best seller “ The Power of Positive Thinking”.

I didn’t just read this book with interest and enthusiasm, I devoured it and followed its suggestions to the letter.

In 121 Thoughts of Hope, Joy and Inspiration…

I will give you over 121 specific quotations, affirmations and visualization techniques to help you bring about huge positive changes in your life.

I have also included some of my own inspirational and motivational cartoons for your enjoyment. I suggest that you put them on the fridge door so you can be inspired every time you go to the fridge for a bite or three.


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