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When the mood hits me I will be posting motivating /inspiring/ entertaining photos, quotes and cartoons for your enjoyment . Click here and save this link and visit often especially if your life needs a lift and a laugh.


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The Magic of the Night Sky By Mike Moore

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I love the night sky. There is something comforting, mysterious and hopeful about standing under a canopy of swirling stars. Each summer I go camping alone in Canada’s beautiful northland to satisfy a hunger for solitude, wilderness and the night sky. Away from city lights, there is nothing more awe inspiring than a star studded sky in the stillness of the wilderness.

I usually set up camp beside a lonely northern lake providing me with a long horizon and an uninterrupted view of the heavens. As darkness approaches I begin to sense an overwhelming closeness to the mysteries of the universe and a strong connection to the Source of all that is. I become aware of an alternate rhythm to life – a rhythm which is so easily lost amidst the frenetic pace of contemporary existence. Embraced by darkness, with stars too numerous to count and comforted by the gentle lapping of the waves I begin to realize how much I miss living in a city with its incessant, invasive brightness. It is as if I am rediscovering an enormous part of a lost spiritual heritage.

When sleep begins to engulf me and my eyes start to close, I reluctantly move toward my camper not wanting to miss a moment of this celestial display but realizing that I can’t resist the call to slumber any longer. In the warmth of my sleeping bag I let the silence and stillness lull me to sleep with the immortal words of Sophocles gently echoing across the centuries, ” Mortal I know I am, short lived. Yet whenever I stand beneath a multitude of swirling stars I no longer tread this earth, but rise to feast with God and enjoy the food of the immortals.” And so to sleep.


Hard Copies

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Ordering Hard Copy Booklets for Parents, Teachers and Principals

How to Pocket Guides

1. How to Parent Teenagers and Stay Sane

 2. 53 Natural Stress Busters ( A student back pack guide)

 3.How to Bully-proof Your Child

4. How to Create a Bully Free Classroom


To Place a order for  multiple copies of any of the pocket guides listed above just…

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To Place a Traditional Order… Follow  #1 above then send the total amount  via personal cheque/check or money order  to…

Mike Moore, 193 Balmoral  Dr. Brantford ON Canada N3R7S2


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Licensing Reprint Rights Available on one or all of these pocket guides.

For a one time fee of $100 per title you will be granted the rights to reproduce  the booklet(s) indefinitely.

When your payment has been received from you will be sent the pdf file(s) to each booklet selected. You can put them up on your website for download  or take them to a printer and have them published as is.

One stipulation…No changes can be made to the content or format other than  the insertion of your contact infomation on the inside cover page or elsewhere.




Select Send  at the top of the paypal page and insert the amount to be sent , then send to

Each booklet license = $100 Canadian Funds

I will be in touch by email as soon as payment is received.


Pocket Guide ( 53 Natural Stress Busters)

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53 Natural Stress Busters Anyone Can Use

No fluff.No filler…just 53 stress busting techniques that work…100% GUARANTEED

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Live Happily in a Stressed Out World

Each day we experience over 50 stress inducing situations with absolutely no idea how to manage them…until now

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The Telephone Speaking Coach.

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For a FREE  Consultation Call Get in touch using the contact form to the right below.

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How Telephone Coaching Works

Each coaching session is based on your questions not just my perception of what you want/need to know. I will work in additional content when necessary.

I want to say right off that I can only take you as far as I have gone. Right now I earn between $2000 and $2500 for every 90 minute presentation I give… plus expenses. I also have a half day and full day rate.

If you are interested in me showing you how, you too, can reach my  fee levels then get in touch. Just fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you.


Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Hi Mike. Just want to say thank you for taking the time to talk with me on the phone. You made me feel welcomed right away. It was like I’ve known you all my life.

You were very informative , in fact you over-delivered on your great wisdom and insight. I appreciated that. Again thank you.  Brent Noan Alberta Canada


Thanks again, Mike – you’ve given me an extremely valuable tool that I hadn’t realized I was missing.  It has radically transformed my effectiveness!

God bless!

Pastor Bob Fogarty
Church of God – Kansas City, MO


“Thanks for the time you so generously shared with me yesterday! I must say that your materials are the best”!
Mike Randall

“It’s easy to lose a small fortune buying information products that prove a disappointment.But you are a marvelous teacher”

Dorothy Pedersen,
ATM Silver & VP-Ed
Orangeville Toasmasters Canada

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