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Up Your Pizzazz By Mike Moore

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How To Become An Inspirational And Charismatic Speaker

( How to become an inspirational and charismatic Speaker)

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All speaking is public speaking unless you enjoy staying in a room talking to yourself.

22 Ways to Up Your Pizzazz

1. Develop an interest in people and become other oriented.
2. Know what people need and then try to meet those needs.
3. Ask about their family and be genuinely interested in their answer.
4. Find people doing something right and praise them generously.
5. Believe in the collective wisdom of the group.
6. Talk in terms of a person’s main interest….THEMSELVES.
7. Always look directly at the person you are speaking to.
8. Laugh at yourself. When you do you give people permission to laugh at themselves.
9. Start believing that people are your most valuable resource.
10.Always give credit, don’t take credit.
11.Care about the health and well being of people.
12. When you must correct another person always do so gently and in private.
13. Always give another person the benefit of the doubt.
14. Never treat people like numbers or things.
15. Learn and use their first names.
16. Never give the impression that you are too busy or rushed to care.
17. Never use sarcasm in conversation. It’s a low form of humor and can be hurtful.
18. Never try to make yourself look good by making someone else look bad.
19. Share cute, funny, clean stories with those you work with and invite them to do likewise.
20. Laugh and play together as a group. There is a bonding power in laughter and play.
21.When you do or say something hurtful always be big enough to apologize. ” I’m sorry ” is one of the most powerful phrases in any language
22. Smile. There is power in a smile and life is just too short not to.

This is just a small sample of the content of Up Your Platform Pizzazz

A New Look at Workplace Safety

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“Health and Safety rules and regulations are vitally important but they are just the beginning.”

                                                  M. Moore

” Any leader without a sense of humour is like a grass-cutter at a cemetery; they have a lot of people under them paying absolutely NO attention.”

Thank God It’s Monday
(Humor in the Workplace)

“Humour makes Great things Happen.”

humor in the workplace

workplace cartoons image
Contents of ” Thank God It’s Monday” ( Humour,Attitude and Recognition in the Workplace)

* Why Humour in the Workplace
*  How to Develop a Happy and Healthy and Safe Workplace
*  How to Sharpen Your Own Sense of Humour
*  The Motivating  Power of Humour and Positive Attitude
*  How to Use Humour to Solve People Problems
*  Humour in Creative Problem Solving
*  Humour Oriented Leadership
*  Humour Oriented Management
*  How to Start of Humourt Program in Your Workplace
*  Humour as a Marketing Tool
*  How to Use Humour and Attitude to Reduce Stress and Avoid Burnout
*  How to Have Fun in the Workplace and Increase Productivity in the Process
*  The Social Benefits of Humour

A Sample from
“Thank God it’s Monday”


by Mike Moore

1. Humour in the workplace reduces stress levels and stress is the number one problem confronting employees today.

2. Laughter,positive attitude and recognition boost morale while stress erodes staff morale and alienation. It is in the best interest of any business to invest in the happiness of its employees. Laughter is an effective barometer of just how happy your people are. When positive attitude and recognition are added to the mix great things happen that impact positively on both health and safety. When employees feel appreciated, they tend to have a more confident and positive attitude and are more focused when doing tasks that involve caution and attention.

3. Keeping things in perspective tends to boost morale and humor helps us keep things in perspective.

4. Workplace humour helps facilitate change. Change is inevitable and people who laugh well and often tend to be more flexible and adaptable.

5. Communication improves when humour is used appropriately. The timely use of humour can get a point across effectively and assists in the process of problem solving.

6. Laughter and humour in the workplace relieve boredom and increase creative energy.

7. Humour builds confidence. When we laugh at ourselves we are less rigid and more spontaneous. We tend to bounce back more quickly when negative things happen. Humour also makes us less fearful of making mistakes and more confident about overcoming setbacks.

8. Laughter and humour promote positive relationships. When you hear a funny story your first impulse is to tell someone and share the laughter. When laughter is shared a natural bonding takes place. So humour and laughter tend to promote a sense of team and co-operation.

9. Humour promotes happiness and joy. It’s good to be alive.

10. Quality relationships are measured by the amount of laughter present. When relationships are good, people laugh a lot. The same applies to businesses. When employees enjoy one another and laugh easily and often, we see performance improve and profits increase.

11. The humour I speak of here must never be based on laughing at someone, racism, sexism, put downs, sarcasm or ridicule. These forms of humour are destructive attempts at making one look good by making another look and feel badly. There is enough good humour to last a lifetime. Just look for it.


When I refer to the positive role humour has on health and safety it is important to point out that I do not mean that humour and laughter should be present when people are doing dangerous tasks.  That would be irresponsible and distracting. I believe that humour bonds people to one another thus promoting a sense of focussed attention, team co-operation, and caring for the health and safety of those with whom they work ESPECIALLY on hazardous tasks.


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(Humour in the Workplace)

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How to Parent Teenagers and Stay Sane…

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” Doris Had The Secret To Parenting Teenagers And I Wanted It! By Mike Moore

When I first met Doris she had been recently widowed at the young age of 45. She was now the single parent of three active teenage boys and whatever she was doing she was doing right. Her boys obviously loved and respected her and enjoyed every minute in her company. What was her secret?? I needed to know as I was the father of three sons on the verge of becoming teens and I wanted the relationship with my sons that Doris had with hers.

I thought taking her to lunch would provide the ideal opportunity to tap her parenting wisdom so I extended the invitation and she accepted. When the moment was right I made my move. ” Doris, you have such a great relationship with your sons. What’s your secret? ” She smiled and said, ” Mike it’s really quite simple. See everything, overlook a lot, change what you can and know when to shut your mouth and listen.”

Doris died much too young but what a legacy she left behind for her family and mine. I have tried to make her message the core of my family life and my teaching with some difficulty and much success. ( I still have a tendency to want to preach.)

Today Carol and I have 4 adult offspring who obviously love their Mom and Dad very much and genuinely enjoy being with us. Whenever we’re together LAUGHTER RULES and laughter is a great indication of a good relationship.

In my ebook ” How to Parent Teenagers and Stay Sane ”  Click to Order Your copy I incorporate Doris’ parenting wisdom along with what Carol and I have learned in the parenting and teaching trenches. These tips, tools and techniques will make the world of difference in your short term and long term relationship with your difficult teens.

Thank you Doris.


Remember: If Parenting Was Meant To Be Easy It Wouldn’t Begin With Something Called Labor.


Attention Frustrated, Stressed Out Parents Of Teenagers!!!

“You are only minutes away from discovering how to turn your nightmare teenager into someone you enjoy having around and look forward to being friends with when the teenage years are over.
( Yes, they will be over…sooner than you think.)”

“25 Guaranteed Strategies to Help You Parent Your Teenagers More Effectively  and Stay Sane  in The Process”
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Dear Stressed Out Parent

If you’re like most parents you want a good relationship with your teenagers but you don’t want to be their personal doormat in the process. Do you find that the stresses and strains of living and working are enough to handle let alone adding the stress and frustration of parenting teenagers to the mix? I thought so! As one parent said to me at one of my seminars, ” Mike, I just don’t have the energy to fight with them anymore… so I give in. Now I’m a pushover and they know it. I Like this quote…. ” Parents are the bones children sharpen their teeth on.” It sure seems that way. When you come home from work frazzled and have to face raging teenage hormones it is damn difficult to be the patient, understanding, fun-loving parent who just constantly delights in celebrating flowering adolescence. You know it’s a stage but you find yourself wishing they would take the first one out of town and leave you in peace. You find yourself treated like a leper by your teenager. They often don’t even acknowledge your existence when they’re with you in public. You’ve tried to put into practice what you’ve read in magazine articles and STILL things remain the same. Something is definitely missing and you are at your wit’s end. Discover what’s missing and what you CAN do about it NOW .

Mike Moore’s ” How to Parent Teenagers and Stay Sane” ( A Parent’s Survival Guide)

An Absolute MUST for families!! (Tips, Tools and Techniques)The most important piece of property in the house to build family fun, togetherness and foster communication is the fridge door.
Just stop and think how many times a teenager opens it throughout the day.

Let Me Show You Around My

Parent’s Survival Guide

Inside 25 Ways…

  • Try this when your teen has an negative reaction to authority Tip #2
  • What to do when they say…REALLY!!! I’m not a child!! Tip# 4
  • What to do if you can’t communicate with your teen. Tip #5
  • Two little words that heal and bond Tip #7
  • The 3 R’s of effective parenting Tip #8
  • 2 magic words that work wonders Tip#9
  • Stop doing this and watch great things happen Tip#10
  • Trust your teen…BUT… Tip 12
  • Do this and watch their self esteem and confidence soar Tip #22
  • A simple curfew device Tip # 24


Let’s not mince words…Your teenager is driving you bonkers and you just can’t take it any longer. Well if it’s any comfort YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!


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Remember: If Parenting Was Meant To Be Easy It Wouldn’t Begin With Something Called Labor.

When Parenting Teenagers NEVER DESPAIR
You’re Not Alone!

No matter the trouble they give you No matter the pain and the sorrow Always, Always remember You’ll be laughing about it tomorrow.
Mike Moore alias W. Shakespeare

Learn 25 ways to successfully cope with defiant teenagers by former High School teacher/ parent and speaker Mike Moore


A Recenty Testimonial From A ” You’re Not Alone” Keynote In Ottawa At A Parenting Teenagers Conference.

Hi Mike,
I got a lot of very good feedback from our parents about how much they enjoyed your keynote presentation. We were very pleased with the turn out and all the enthusiasm for your talk, your workshop and our other workshops. I was in the “Drugs, Alcohol and Teens” workshop and the facilitators referred to your comments throughout their workshop…..if that isn’t endorsement, I don’t know what is!
Take care and hopefully our paths will cross again.

Joanne MacEwan Ottawa Canada,Parenting Conference Co-ordinator

LET ME HELP YOU FIND THE COMEDY IN YOUR CHAOS In The Face Of Difficult Teenagers, Defiant Teenagers Or Troubled Teenagers


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18 FREE Workplace Cartoons

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These 18 FREE workplace cartoons by Canadian  Speaker/Humourist Mike Moore are designed  to help manage people more effectively using humor and recognition.


Great for staff memos, bulletin boards, newsletters, inservice, and staff-room fridge doors.

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Cartoon Sample  


41 Ways to Bullyproof Your Child

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 My Parent/Teacher/School Resource Page


An Anti-bullying Program that Works!

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We all know that bullying exists and is having a disastrous impact on the health and well-being of our young people. What we need to know is what we can do about it so that every child is cherished and respected and has an opportunity to achieve their unique potential in a kind and affirming community.

What I want to do with this booklet is provide parents with an easily accessible reference guide that gives them effective tips, tools and techniques to use to develop a bully proof child.

While it might be unrealistic to think that we can stop bullying completely we can do a great deal to give our children the necessary tools and techniques to master the art of verbal self-defense whenever and wherever they are confronted by bullies.

It is important to realize that people bully others because it works for them and we let them get away with it. If we can make it so it doesn’t work for them and we won’t let them get away with it we have a good chance of changing this destructive behaviour.

Why do bullies bully? Well, they bully others for 4 reasons.
1. Attention
2. Power
3. Revenge
4. Inadequacy

When attempting to put a stop to antisocial behaviour like bullying we must always keep in mind what motivates it. Responding to the behaviour without considering what motivates it is futile.


Guarantee… If you don’t like the 41 tips  contained in my Bullyproof pocket guide all you have to do is ask for your money back and it will be done.

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Hard copies are available

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TRUE STORY     I recently had an order from a  Canadian teacher for 19 hard copies of How to Bullyproof Your Child. She wanted to give the parents of each of her student a copy. This is a good example of on the same page thinking.

 If you are interested in doing this there  are wholesale prices available.  Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you ASAP with prices and details.


Traditional Method of Ordering… If you prefer, you can order a hard copy of my pocket guide by sending $8.00 ( shipping and handling included) via money order or personal cheque/check to Mike Moore 193 Balmoral Dr. Brantford ON Canada N3R7S2  I will send you your signed copy by return mail.


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How to Create a Bully-Free Classroom



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FREE Copy of How to Create a Bully-Free Classroom

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I am so committed to ending  Bullying in schools everywhere that I am giving teachers a Free copy of my popular pocket guide “How to Create a Bully-free Classroom”.  I have used these ideas in my own intermediate and senior classrooms and they work. Hard copies are available at reduced cost.


Recent Testimonial…

I just received this. Mike, I loved this book for teachers. All great , common sense suggestions. Super easy to implement, which busy teachers like. You are a brilliant writer who always speaks from the heart. Maureen G. Ontario Canada


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Bully-Proof Classroom TEACHERS Booklet

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