Flat Tire

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A Lady was standing beside her car looking at her flat tire. I gently told her that she could not drive her car like that as all tires have to be the same.
When I came out of the store, she was driving down the road with 4 flat tires and waved to me and hollered out, “Thanks for your help!”
Everyone sees, hears and understands things differently and react in various ways.
Be patient with everyone and love them as they are.
Story submitted by Bob Morgan

121 Secrets to Profitable Speaking

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Imagine Holding an Audience in the Palm of Your Hand for One Hour  and Getting VERY Well Paid For Doing It.
” I do it and so can you. Let me show you how!)

Hi Friends.

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Let’s take a look at the many benefits of the Speaking Business…


  In what other business can you…

*  have start up costs that won’t break the bank. I started with 500 business cards and a homemade flyer

*  earn $2500 and up for giving a one hour speech and have all your expenses paid?

*  be your own boss and work out of your home office with no stressful, long commutes?

*  give 3 speeches a month and earn more than most people  do working daily full time?

earn an extra $5000 monthly giving just two presentations?

*  can you work three or four days a month and have the rest of the month to yourself?( Although you do need to promote your business when not speaking) 

For the ridiculous price of  ONLY  $7.00 I will show you what you need to know to take your expertise and experience and  share it with an eager public for great money per speech.

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Now for the First Time…
“121 Secrets to Profitable    Speaking”
From Mike’s Bag of Tricks


My 121 Profitable Speaking Secrets will teach you…

  • How to become a great speaker
  • How to get your share of speaking gigs
  • How to work effectively with meeting planners
  • How much to charge and how to ask for for you’re worth.
  • How to become well known and sought after
  • How to get testimonials
  • How to plan and organize your speech
  • Tips on how to deliver a speech
  • How to Develop confidence
  • The importance of telling stories
  • What to talk about
  • How many talks you should  have prepared?
  • How to ensure success as a speaker
  • Organizations in need of speakers
  • How to produce, publish and market your books and tapes
  • The use of mnemonics in public speaking
  • How to Develop a productive after market
  • How to Overcome fear
  • How to get into after dinner speaking plus things to avoid
  • How to make money giving free speeches
  • How to Self promote during a speech


What’s so exciting about my offer to you is , you have the chance  to short cut the learning process by learning directly from me. AND FOR ONLY  $7.00

Discover 121 Secrets to Earning BIG Money Speaking
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If you give two speeches a month at $2,500 per speech it comes to $60,000 per year.

Some months I deliver 6 or 7.

Just who is Mike Moore?
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Did You Know that…
the average wage earner brings in between $2000 and $3000 per month.

You too can earn between $2000 and $3000 for every one hour speech you deliver.
Let me show you how!!

121 Secrets to Profitable Speaking

Earn $2000 or more by simply giving a one hour speech based on your expertise or life experience.

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Mike presents what you need to know and do to become a well paid  motivational speaker.

No fluff or filler, just 121 great profitable speaking tips to help you earn huge fees speaking.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what satisfied customers have said about my 121 Tips.

Hi Mike

As soon as I ordered  your e-book I was amazed with the service that you provided. You immediately checked to see if I had successfully received your materials and that I was satisfied with them. The value of the tips, information and advice that you provide has far exceeded the cost. Just as you promised, there is no “fluff”- all of it is valuable information and experience from a successful speaker.  It is by far the best investment I have made in building my speaking business!

                                                         Doug F.  Springfield MA

Hi Mike

Just one piece of advice from your 121 Secrets to Profitable  Speaking made me two thousand dollars.  An organization wanted me to speak for a stay at a luxury hotel and golf.  Mike’s said, “No way, find out how many people are going to attend the conference.  Then, figure out what a nice meal would cost and multiply each meal by the number of people attending and that is what you charge.”  Like every one of your tips, it worked. 

You could read a dozen books on being a successful public speaker and not come away with as much information as you will get from  your 121 Secrets to Profitable Speaking.  I work full time and still give more than 30 speeches a year all across the Country.  Good stuff here!  

                   Sincerely,   Sheriff Don Gudmu


Stress Busting Kit (Stretched to the Limit)

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        Stretched to the Limit


Each day we experience over 50 stress inducing situations with absolutely no idea how to manage them…until now. Learn how to relax and squeeze every drop of happiness, fun and peace of mind from the only life you have.

(How to Live Relaxed in A Stressed Out World)



For only $10.00 Canadian Funds You RECEIVE your own copy of ” Stretched to the Limit”


57 Stress Busting Cartoons ( As individual jpeg files)

Permission to use the above cartoons in memos, presentations and on staff bulletin boards is granted with your purchase.


60  Minute audio mp3
( Managing Stress Using Positive Attitude and Humour)

A Total Value of $60.00 Now yours for a Limited time for only $10.00 Canadian Funds

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People frequently ask how I can sell this special report for only $10.00 Canadian. The answer is simple… I am selling electrons and therefore have no shipping and handling costs.

If humour cuts stress in half and reduces blood pressure then WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?
Let’s  put humour to work relieving your stress

Bottom Line… Unmanaged Stress is the #1 health threat facing us today. It’s killing us and we MUST do something about it.

The Hurried Woman Syndrome
” Show me an unhurried woman and I’ll show you…A MAN!
Table of Contents

*  Stress in the Workplace
* How I  Became Involved with Stress Management

*  Managing Stress Not Eliminating  It*  Humor in Stress Management

*  The Role Of Laughter

*  Your Own Stress Management Program

*  Thoughts About Stress

* The Damaging Effects of Stress

*  The Financial Costs of Unmanaged Stress

*  Ten Simple Ways to Relax During Your Busy Day

*  The Healing Power of Laughter

*  Stress Quiz

*  A Prescription for Wellness

*  Ten Effective Self Motivating Tips

*  How to Really Start Living

*   The Simple Art of Meditation

*  How to Foster a Happy and Healthy Workplace

*  The Humour Journal

* The  Therapeutic Benefits of Humor


A FREE Copy of my Pocket Guide
” 53 Natural Stress Busters Anyone Can Use” will be sent to your email inbox’


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How to be Funny and Entertaining

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Attention Speakers, Trainers, Teachers and Conversationalists


” How to Be Funny and Entertaining”

(Without Ever Having to Tell A Joke)
This is not a How to Be a Comic report.

A MUST for Speakers, Trainers, Teachers,Consultants and those wanting to improve the quality of their conversations.

Just for a moment imagine yourself being the kind of person…

*  People want to be around

*  People enjoy

*  Who brings joy and laughter to others.

*  Who is invited everywhere

*   People find attractive

*  Whose speeches and lessons come alive

* People listen and pay attention when you speak

Dear  Friend,
Imagine yourself at a party surrounded by people who find you witty, entertaining and totally captivating. They laugh at your humorous stories and one-liners. You know just what to say and when to say it. You are both interesting and interested.

Got the picture?

Like what you see?

Well it can happen sooner and easier and FASTER than you think.
Hi,  Mike Moore here and I am a Canadian speaker/humorist/cartoonist. I happen to earn my living entertaining and informing people.

Each year I speak to numerous organizations throughout Canada and the USA on  Humor and Human Relations, Humor and Health and Humor and Stress Management.

Before and after I speak I mix and mingle with members of my audience who, without fail, say to me, ” I wish I could make people laugh like you do.” I wish I had a dollar for every time this happens.

” They deserve heaven who make another laugh.”
( ancient proverb)

What I’m about to tell you will almost certainly transform your social life and your public speaking in no time flat. ( I’ll tell you just how quickly this can be done in a moment.)

This is something I hear frequently, ” But Mike I wasn’t born with a sense of humor.” Well I’ve got news for you. No one was born with a sense of humor. It’s something we learn.  and if it’s something we learn YOU CAN LEARN IT…with my help.

I can teach you the what and how of becoming more entertaining in as little as one or two hours.

BUT… teaching you how to have courage and confidence takes a little longer.
What qualifies me to assume that I can do this?
Well, as I said before it’s is what I do for a living.

Take a peek here.

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Let me show you around my Humor SPECIAL REPORT
” How to be Funny and Entertaining “

This is what You’ll Learn…
* Barriers to being funny and how to overcome them
* How to overcome shyness
* How to motivate yourself
*  How to connect with people
* The art of humourous confident conversation
*  How to be confident even when you’re not
*  Humor styles
*  What women and men like to talk about
* Get the law of expectations working for you
* Sharpen your sense of humor
* Developing a humor style
* How to get a laugh even when your humor flops
* The art of the one-liner
* What to say plus when and how to say it
* Becoming a humor hound
*  Inserting humor into everyday social interaction
* How to mine the moments of your life for humor
*  How to share personal humourous stories
*  Starting a humor log
* How to be entertaining no matter where you are


ORDER MY “How to Be Funny and Entertaining” E-book  NOW for only $5.00 and start being funny in minutes

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So… ORDER NOW and invest in your social transformation.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Live Laugh Love and Be Happy

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Live the life you were meant to live, not the one you feel has been thrust upon you.”
Mike Moore
CONSIDER THIS… We spend between 500 and 1000 hours a year  in our cars. If you live to be 75 you have spent  between 7 to 10 years in your automobile.

 BIG QUESTION…. What are you doing with this time to improve yourself  and your life?


“Discover How To Be Happy
In An Troubled World”



When you buy a copy of my best selling audio “Live, Laugh Love and be Happy” I will send you a BONUS digital copy of my best selling book “Embracing the Mystery” ( How to Live the Life You Want)  

“Live Laugh Love And Be Happy”

A HOT NEW Audio MP3 By Canada’s leading authority on Therapeutic Humor Mike Moore
( Simple and effective tips, tools and techniques to help you be happy in an Unhappy world)


Humour and Attitude in the Quest for Happiness

( How to Squeeze Every Drop of Happiness and Fun Out of the Only Life You Have.)
Just look around you and you’ll see  millions living lives of  desperation…
oppressed by stress, anxiety, depression, anger, violence, abuse, sleeplessness, worry…The list goes on…
Well I’m here to tell you it wasn’t meant to be this way and it doesn’t have to be this way!

YOU can Choose to Be Happy

These Quotations Got me off my unhappy buns and back into joyful living.
They Changed My Life and Can Change Yours
“Your life has an expiration date.”
“The tragedy in life is not in how much we suffer, but in how much we fail to enjoy.”
“Wouldn’t it be tragic to come to the end of your life and discover that you never really lived?”
“Everybody dies – few really live.” Anon

Everything we do in life is motivated by a quest for happiness.

The answers you give to these questions will tell you a great deal about the life you are leading and the changes you need to make:

    • Do I get angry too quickly and stay angry too long
    •  Do I find myself rushing even when I don’t have to?
    • Am I worried and upset a lot of the time?
    • Am I anxious and highly stressed in my daily life?
    • Do I laugh as much as I used to?
    • Do I rise in the morning with a sense of joy and anticipation?
    • Do I take time each day to relax my mind and body?
  • Do I enjoy the company of people or do I find them a pain in the butt?

Hi Friend

My name is Mike Moore and every year I speak (between 30 and 40 times) to organizations throughout Canada and the USA on the importance of what I call my HA Principle in living full, happy and productive lives. HA stands for HUMOUR and ATTITUDE.

They are the two things you simply MUST have to achieve health,happiness, success and likeability… A positive attitude and a sense of humour. I’ll show you how to get both in a few moments.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it folks, developing a positive attitude and a sense of humor are absolutely VITAL to living the life you were meant to live, want to live and always dreamed of living. The literature is clear on this. When you have a positive attitude and a sense of humour nothing can defeat or discourage you ( for too long anyway)

You will find people wanting to be in your company because you’re so much fun to be with and so positive.

  • Your relationships will improve and you will achieve so much more of your unlimited and yet underachieved potential. with a positive attitude and a happy spirit.
  • People who laugh together last together.

Findings on Humor and Attitude

  • A Harvard study followed a large group of grads for a long time throughout their careers. They found that 85% of the success achieved by the grads was due to attitude and only 15% due to aptitude.
  • Our lives are built on the attitudes we possess. We are what we think about all day.
  • Humor is called social glue because it bonds us to people and people to us.
  • Humor is also called social lubricant because it reduces social friction.
  • Humor cuts stress in half, reduces blood pressure, enhances the immune system, gives us more energy and makes us feel good about life.
  • A sense of humor makes us more attractive to people sexually. Ask anyone why they were attracted to their soulmate and they will usually say a sense of humor. “They make me laugh.”
  • Best of all a sense of humor can be developed and negative attitudes transformed to positive in as little as 21 days.

The Existing Reality…

motivational keynote speaker

  • The World Health Organization says that by the year 2020 depression will be the leading cause of disability throughout the developed world.
  • 80% of us have low self esteem and 20% need a boost.
  • We live in an age of rage: road rage, air rage and now work rage.
  • We only achieve between 2 and 5 percent of our potential.
  • Joy has vanished from our lives.
  • Uncontrolled stress is killing us.
  • While children laugh over 400 time a day, adults can manage only 15.
  • Fear rules our lives: fear of getting old, fear of failure, rejection, death, etc.

If any of these apply to you ( And I know they do), then it’s time to take action NOW to RETURN TO JOY.
Remember that joy and happiness are our birthrights, so fight for them. Life is too wonderful not to be enjoyed.
Hey,,, we aren’t here for a long time so let’s make it a good time!!
That’s why I wrote and recorded ” Live Laugh Love and Be Happy” so we can all enjoy to the MAX the only life we have.
Go for it!!!  Mike Moore

Happiness is not found within a certain set of circumstances but within a certain set of attitudes.

Rediscover the role of humor and positive attitude in your search for happinessbe happySpeaker/humorist Mike Moore speak 20 to 30 times a year throughout North America on Humor and Attitude and the Quest for Happiness

This Audio MP3 Is From Mike’s Very Popular Talk,”Live Laugh Love And Be Happy


Humour and Attitude in the Quest for Happiness

Mike’s Teacher Page

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Welcome To

Mike Moore’s Teacher’s Store

Mike Moore

“I want teachers to celebrate being part of a noble and vital profession not endure it as another of life’s stresses.” Mike Moore

“Teachers don’t exist to be the dart boards of society. They are an important player on society’s educational team.” Mike Moore

“Any society that thinks nothing of paying its athletes millions to throw a ball, or swing a bat  while reluctant to pay it teachers  a professional wage  is  experiencing a crisis in values.”
Mike Moore


If Your Problem, As A Teacher, Involves Not Knowing How To Cope With Difficult/Toxic Parents And Fellow Staff Members And You Want To Solve It NOW Then  Read On…

Coping With Toxic Parents 

A True Story

I recall teaching with a young woman who was going through hell and was forced to take an extended stress leave because of one toxic parent and one unethical fellow staff member.

What was the problem?

Her teaching style was low key.  She was a bit shy and lacked confidence when talking to parents and peers.

Because of this she was perceived as dull, uninteresting, weak and incompetent even though her students seemed to like her. (What we do in the name of concern for students.)

After 6 months on stress leave she returned to teach at another school under a stronger, more understanding and supportive principal. She never had a problem like that again and is now approaching 20 years in the profession.

The sad fact is that I have seen this type of story played out far too often with  more tragic results.

It is one of the reasons I have committed myself to becoming an advocate for teachers to help promote fair treatment, self confidence, assertiveness, joy and a healthy productive relationship between teacher and parent.

by  Mike Moore
  • The characteristics of toxic people
  • Types of human behaviour
  • Why some parents are toxic
  • How to deal with toxic parents
  • How to deal with toxic staff members
  • Becoming assertive
  • How to say NO! and mean it.
  • Assertiveness in action
  • The assertive power of silence
  • How to assert yourself by asking questions
  • The disarming power of appreciation and praise
  • How to handle sarcasm, ridicule and put-down
  • Developing confidence as a professional
  • Asking for what you want
  • Assertive decision making
  • The power of disapproval
  • The assertive look
  • The power of an assertive tone
  • How to meet resistance head on
  • Disarming the verbal bully
  • Coping with the difficult principal
  • Coping with difficult staff members
  • Relax for even greater assertive power
  • Motivate yourself to be assertive
  • How to bring about the change you want/need

  To Order Coping With Toxic Parents From My Teacher Store
Click Here

You’ve Got To Laugh Is Always A Popular Item With Teachers
48 Cartoons For Teachers

( Permission To Copy Is Granted With Every Purchase)


Cartoon Samples

Great For Memos, Newsletters, Websites, And Staffroom Fridge Doors
Order Now


Need A Funny, Teacher Affirming Speaker for Your Next Teacher Event???

Visit Here

“Mike has a very engaging style.  He has a way of telling stories that makes people want to listen.  You’ll hear how he really captivates his audience when he tells a story. This is something every speaker/teacher should want to master.”
Bryan Caplovitz of Speaker Match

When You Hire Mike You Get High Energy, Clean Humour That Doesn’t Offend And Motivating Stories That Inform And Entertain.

Mike Moore: Have Mouth…Will Travel


Mike Moore B.A M.Ed ( A Speaker Teachers Enjoy And Won’t Soon Forget)

Professional Keynote Speaker Recipient of  his county’s DISTINGUISHED TEACHER AWARD.

  • Mike
    The time I spent in that packed room with you brings a smile to my face every time I think of it and I am not alone in my opinion. Many of my staff mates were there too and you were the talk of our staffroom Monday morning!!(all great of course, especially the serenade at the end, perhaps you have a chance at a singing career.
    Thank you again for a truly entertaining session.
    As long we all continue to work in stressful job situations, you will always be needed and most appreciated!
    All the best!!
    Thank you again.


  • Good morning Mike,
    I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend one of your sessions on stress during our teacher PD day on the Fredericton campus. What a joy it was to have someone tell me that I am not crazy ( at least not yet) and that the amount of stress that teachers are faced with is a very real problem. I have been teaching for 22 years and there have been days where I just didn’t know what end was up.
    You gave me the push I desperately needed to wade through the rest of this year and I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and kind words you gave to this profession that has become so challenging in recent times.
    I sincerely hope that I am fortunate enough to hear you speak again and that you continue to entertain and support us as we strive to educate these little darlings.
    Good health and great success to you.


How to Hire Mike


Five F WORDS Every Teacher Wants
to Be Called… Fun, Fair, Firm, Friendly and Fantastic


All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Blow???


Ease Up
 Managing Teacher Stress
(A manual every teacher MUST have)

Are toxic parents and fellow educators driving you bonkers?

Has your Get Up And Go Got Up and Gone?

Have you lost your Pizzazz?

Are you not enjoying the teaching profession the way you used to?

” Most of our teacher stress comes from the fact that people don’t play the game of life according to our rulebook”
Mike Moore


Order it now as a downloadable file


”  It might be sad but it’s true…Teachers are highly stressed, unappreciated and underpaid!
Let me help you with the first two

A simple and fun way to 
manage teacher stress and avoid burnout

How to confront parents and fellow professionals who are health hazards
Promote greater enjoyment of our profession

Only $10.00
and receive your downloadable e-book

Ease Up: Managing Teacher Stress


As soon as your payment is received and confirmation I will personally send you a thank you note containing the download link.




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Mike Moore:  Managing teacher stress one laugh at a time