How to Avoid Getting Old

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” It’s OK to laugh at aging stereotypes as long as you DON”T BELIEVE THEM Mike Moore 

Do not grow old no matter
How long you live.
Never cease to stand like curious children
before the great Mystery into which we were born.  Albert Einstein


After having given a lively speech on ” Going for the Gusto ” ( Living, to the Max, the Only Life You Have) I was approached by a young man named Marty who said that he wished his parents had been in the audience. It seems his parents, who had just turned 70 and were in good physical health, had given up on life and were just waiting to die.

” They really needed to hear your positive, uplifting message but I didn’t realize  the talk would be like this.”  We chatted for a few minutes and I gave him a Free copy of my book for his parents. I do hope they read it and have their life batteries recharged BIG TIME.

The tragedy is that there are far too many people like Marty’s parents in “God’s waiting room. “  What we need to do is empty God’s waiting room and fill up God’s Play Room.



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*  We are  all members of the TOO MUCH and TOO LITTLE Generation

We eat too much
Drink too much
worry to much
Get angry too much
Watch TV too much
Fear too much

Laugh too little
Smile too little
play too little
exercise too little

On it goes.

Do you know that each one of us has about 62,000 thoughts pass through our mind every day…..AND MOST OF THEM ARE NEGATIVE

                     If our thoughts are negative then our attitudes will be negative and when our attitudes are negative our life will be negative..  Aging well demands positive thinking and positive action.
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How to Avoid Getting Old No Matter How Long You Live

Hi Mike. I have been offered an opportunity to teach Bachelor of Social Work students at one of our local universities 
(Renisin College, University of Waterloo)
The course is Working with Canadian Seniors.
Many of these BSW’s are quite young and unchallenged,  so far, by life.
Your book How to Avoid Getting Old is a god send. 
May I please have permission to use some of your quotes and pictures?
Joan Stuart, RMFT, Registered Psychotherapist

Your book is a Godsend.

May I please have permission to use some of your quotes and pictures?


Joan Stuart, RMFT, Registered Psychotherapist


Humor is where you are at any moment and your ebook reminds one of that. I stopped and read the whole thing upon completion of the download although my schedule was tight.

Thank you for giving me a flow of chuckles this morning and I hope to share the chuckles with others. Today will be a lighter day for having spent  an early part laughing.

Jeanne V

Mike, thank you so much.  Love your humor and words of wisdom.  I decided to quote you in my future emails and pray my family, friends, and business associates will heed your words.  Thank you for being an inspiration and sharing the gift that God gave you.  You embrace life with humor and I agree it will lessen any pain life throws our way.  Again, thank you.
Pauline Velez, LCSW

Hi Mike!

Just a quick note to say thank you for the awesome book!  I really enjoy your cartoons and perspectives on life!  I am a middle school special education teacher and I carry a lot of stress around with me every day!  thanks for helping me smile!

Amy Hillebrecht
Berlin, Connecticut

Hi Mike—
I really enjoyed your book—thanks for making it available for our pleasure, learning and enjoyment!

“Growing old” is a mindset.  While aging is a natural process, we can be proactive about not “growing old”.  Mike’s book is full of fun and thought provoking observations on aging—a definite must have “preventative” manual for those as young as 40 years of age.”

-Heather Wandell,  M.A., CLL

Another Way To See It, LLC

Hi Mike.

Although, I am currently in middle age,  I certainly appreciated
the wisdom and humor your book has to offer.

The positive statements and humor in the book are dynamic.
You are right, so many think life is over after retirement.

I had to laugh when I read #95. Isn’t that so true, even at 44.
I don’t say 44 and 1/2.

I would say you hit the mark!  Effective living comes with humor and a positive attitude.
Good Luck,


Hello, Mike!

I thoroughly enjoyed your ebook!!!! I started to write down my favorite one-liners only to have to stop because they were all becoming my favorites!
Your humor applied to society’s foibles is refreshing and to the point.
“L. Sue Durkin, author of Life is Like Making Chocolate Chip Cookies”)

I just Loved it!!!!!

Blessings from my spirit to your spirit!



I really enjoyed your book. I’m 50 years old and a mental health nurse.
The suggestions and cartoons are relevent to both areas .
There are definitely some suggestions I will use to help make my patients
smile and that will give them things to think about as they work towards recovery.

Thanks for allowing me to read your e- book.

Sincerely, Rita Brock