121 Secrets to Profitable Speaking

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Imagine Holding an Audience in the Palm of Your Hand for One Hour  and Getting VERY Well Paid For Doing It.
” I do it and so can you. Let me show you how!)

Hi Friends.

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Let’s take a look at the many benefits of the Speaking Business…


  In what other business can you…

*  have start up costs that won’t break the bank. I started with 500 business cards and a homemade flyer

*  earn $2500 and up for giving a one hour speech and have all your expenses paid?

*  be your own boss and work out of your home office with no stressful, long commutes?

*  give 3 speeches a month and earn more than most people  do working daily full time?

earn an extra $5000 monthly giving just two presentations?

*  can you work three or four days a month and have the rest of the month to yourself?( Although you do need to promote your business when not speaking) 

For the ridiculous price of  ONLY  $7.00 I will show you what you need to know to take your expertise and experience and  share it with an eager public for great money per speech.

PLUS… I will throw in a copy of my e book ” 35 Ways to Get More Speaking Engagements”


Now for the First Time…
“121 Secrets to Profitable    Speaking”
From Mike’s Bag of Tricks


My 121 Profitable Speaking Secrets will teach you…

  • How to become a great speaker
  • How to get your share of speaking gigs
  • How to work effectively with meeting planners
  • How much to charge and how to ask for for you’re worth.
  • How to become well known and sought after
  • How to get testimonials
  • How to plan and organize your speech
  • Tips on how to deliver a speech
  • How to Develop confidence
  • The importance of telling stories
  • What to talk about
  • How many talks you should  have prepared?
  • How to ensure success as a speaker
  • Organizations in need of speakers
  • How to produce, publish and market your books and tapes
  • The use of mnemonics in public speaking
  • How to Develop a productive after market
  • How to Overcome fear
  • How to get into after dinner speaking plus things to avoid
  • How to make money giving free speeches
  • How to Self promote during a speech


What’s so exciting about my offer to you is , you have the chance  to short cut the learning process by learning directly from me. AND FOR ONLY  $7.00

Discover 121 Secrets to Earning BIG Money Speaking
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When you order you will receive a FREE copy of “35 Ways to Get More Speaking Engagements” …
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If you give two speeches a month at $2,500 per speech it comes to $60,000 per year.

Some months I deliver 6 or 7.

Just who is Mike Moore?
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Did You Know that…
the average wage earner brings in between $2000 and $3000 per month.

You too can earn between $2000 and $3000 for every one hour speech you deliver.
Let me show you how!!

121 Secrets to Profitable Speaking

Earn $2000 or more by simply giving a one hour speech based on your expertise or life experience.

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You will cherish this little E-book and refer to it often.  It  contains a tremendous amount of material and will save you a lot of time and effort learning the dos and don’ts of the speaking business.

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“121 Secrets to    Profitable Speaking”

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Mike presents what you need to know and do to become a well paid  motivational speaker.

No fluff or filler, just 121 great profitable speaking tips to help you earn huge fees speaking.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what satisfied customers have said about my 121 Tips.

Hi Mike

As soon as I ordered  your e-book I was amazed with the service that you provided. You immediately checked to see if I had successfully received your materials and that I was satisfied with them. The value of the tips, information and advice that you provide has far exceeded the cost. Just as you promised, there is no “fluff”- all of it is valuable information and experience from a successful speaker.  It is by far the best investment I have made in building my speaking business!

                                                         Doug F.  Springfield MA

Hi Mike

Just one piece of advice from your 121 Secrets to Profitable  Speaking made me two thousand dollars.  An organization wanted me to speak for a stay at a luxury hotel and golf.  Mike’s said, “No way, find out how many people are going to attend the conference.  Then, figure out what a nice meal would cost and multiply each meal by the number of people attending and that is what you charge.”  Like every one of your tips, it worked. 

You could read a dozen books on being a successful public speaker and not come away with as much information as you will get from  your 121 Secrets to Profitable Speaking.  I work full time and still give more than 30 speeches a year all across the Country.  Good stuff here!  

                   Sincerely,   Sheriff Don Gudmu