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101 Ways to Get People to Like You

By October 20, 2018Uncategorized

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In ” Up Your People Skills you’ll discover…

* How to get more clients and friends and keep the ones you’ve got.

*  Our need for recognition and the need to recognize

*  15 ways to imroved social skills through appreciation and praise

*  How to become a people person by changing your attitude

* How to improve your relationship 

*   The bonding power of a smile

*   How to bond with people by  using and remembering their names

*   How to connect through listening

*   18 characteristics of a people oriented  person

*  How to become a people oriented leader

*   How to connect through confident conversation

*  How to bond with people using humor

*   How to develop a happy and healthy social network

*   How to prevent burnout

*  How to cope with a toxic people at home, at work and at play

*  How to improve customer service

*  How to cope with difficult people  at home, at play and in the workplace

*  How to get motivated and stay motivated


Here is a sample from ” Up Your People Skills”

  10 Ways to Improve Your People Skills

                                           By Mike Moore

1.  Develop an interest in people and become other oriented.

2.  Know what people need and then try to meet those needs.

3.  Ask about their family and be genuinely interested in their answer.

4.  Find people doing something right and praise them generously.

5.  Believe in the collective wisdom of the group.

6.  Talk in terms of a person’s main interest….THEMSELVES.

7.  Always look directly at the person you are speaking to.

8.   Laugh at yourself. When you do you give people permission to laugh at themselves.

9.   Start believing that people are your most valuable resource.

10. Always give credit, don’t take credit.  



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( 101 Ways to Get People to Like You)
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