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Food for Thought

The Christmas Journal ( A Christmas Tradition)

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Ever since 1977 I have kept a Christmas journal in which I record and reflect upon what has happened in my life over the past 12 months. When everyone is in bed on Christmas Eve I pour myself a scotch,turn on soft Christmas music and in the glow of Christmas tree lights begin my journey down memory lane. It is filled with joy and tears as I recall the people who have passed,those who have struggled with life and those who have made my life the wonderful experience it is. I am overcome with love and gratitude. Just before I go to bed I stand outside my front door, look to the sky and wish for the world what it finds so difficult to achieve…PEACE,JOY AND JUSTICE. This is what I wish for all of you at this wonderful time and throughout the coming year. GOD BLESS!



The Awesome Power of Positive Thought

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We all know that positive thoughts and visualization are really effective when it comes to re-educating our subconscious mind and changing our behavior.

My interest in the life changing power of positive thought and visualization started in my mid-twenties (quite a few years ago) when I picked up a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s best seller “The Power of Positive Thinking”. That book was a great inspiration which eventually lead to the creation of 121 Thoughts of Hope, Joy and Inspiration based on years of successful, and practical application of it’s principles.

Find your own inspiration here.

121 Inspirational Thoughts of Hope, Joy and Inspiration