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FREEBEES from Mike

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Hi  and Welcome to my FREEBEE Page where you will find easy access

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#1 Mike’s Monthly Newsletter Lifeline

#2 Your Weekly Chuckle  ( Cartoons, short humour, inspirational nature photos, motivating articles)

#3 e-book ” The Healing Power of Humor” ( How to put the awesome power of humor to work healing what ails you.)

4. One Minute Vacations ( Nature photos to soothe the stressed out spirit and relax you mind, body and soul)

The Christmas Journal ( A Christmas Tradition)

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Ever since 1977 I have kept a Christmas journal in which I record and reflect upon what has happened in my life over the past 12 months. When everyone is in bed on Christmas Eve I pour myself a scotch,turn on soft Christmas music and in the glow of Christmas tree lights begin my journey down memory lane. It is filled with joy and tears as I recall the people who have passed,those who have struggled with life and those who have made my life the wonderful experience it is. I am overcome with love and gratitude. Just before I go to bed I stand outside my front door, look to the sky and wish for the world what it finds so difficult to achieve…PEACE,JOY AND JUSTICE. This is what I wish for all of you at this wonderful time and throughout the coming year. GOD BLESS!



Divorcing My Barber from Hell

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Divorce is Difficult but Often Necessary by Mike Moore

My barber and I have divorced. The separation came after much deliberation and soul searching. I just couldn’t take the doom and gloom another second. (I always seem to hang on to what is familiar even when I know it’s time to let go.)

God knows I hung in as long as I could out of habit and routine, hoping against hope that things would change… but they didn’t. I reached a point where I could no longer sit captive and endure his cynicism, negativity and fear inducing diatribes.

The fact that he would constantly stop cutting my hair then stand in front of me brandishing his scissors and comb while ranting on about something or other and expecting me to agree with him, made the decision to divorce the right one. Thank God there were no children involved.

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. After he had finished his rant I looked at him and said,” Why is it that after every haircut you give me I feel like jumping off the nearest cliff? I noticed that even those waiting to have their haircut snickered in what I took as agreement.

We have been divorced about a year now and I’m getting on with my life. Things do seem to work out in the end.

If you’re interested in the follow-up to this I have now found a new barber who is more positive, joyful and more pleasant to be near. She can also talk and cut at the same time.

I have finally found happiness.

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