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Humour in The Snow…(A true story)

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Humour in the Snow… by Mike Moore

Life does bring about changes in our lives often without us realizing it. Such was the case with Carol ( my wife) and I recently.

The snow had fallen over night to the tune of 8 to10 cm. Carol, ( a Timmins girl who loves the winter) suggested that we go out and make snow angels on the front lawn… like we used to. Being a husband who always wants to please his wife, I agreed.

There we were standing facing one another on the front lawn ready to fall backward into the freshly fallen snow…laughing our hearts out. We fell, waved our hands and feet and voila the angels appeared.

Now hear comes the revelation..WE COULDN’T GET UP. Our minds were youthful but something weird had happened to our bodies. We could not stand up. I had to crawl over to the lilac tree and hoist myself up by grabbing on to the trunk. Then I could help my wife.

The laughter was something to behold……side splitting!!

Lesson learned? When you are of a certain age never make snow angels at the same time. Do it individually so you can be available to help the other up after the angel appears. The important thing here is to never stop wanting to make snow angels even if the flesh is weaker than it used to be.


18 FREE Workplace Cartoons

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These 18 FREE workplace cartoons by Canadian  Speaker/Humourist Mike Moore are designed  to help manage people more effectively using humor and recognition.


Great for staff memos, bulletin boards, newsletters, inservice, and staff-room fridge doors.

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Cartoon Sample  


101 Ways to Get People to Like You

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In ” Up Your People Skills you’ll discover…

* How to get more clients and friends and keep the ones you’ve got.

*  Our need for recognition and the need to recognize

*  15 ways to imroved social skills through appreciation and praise

*  How to become a people person by changing your attitude

* How to improve your relationship 

*   The bonding power of a smile

*   How to bond with people by  using and remembering their names

*   How to connect through listening

*   18 characteristics of a people oriented  person

*  How to become a people oriented leader

*   How to connect through confident conversation

*  How to bond with people using humor

*   How to develop a happy and healthy social network

*   How to prevent burnout

*  How to cope with a toxic people at home, at work and at play

*  How to improve customer service

*  How to cope with difficult people  at home, at play and in the workplace

*  How to get motivated and stay motivated


Here is a sample from ” Up Your People Skills”

  10 Ways to Improve Your People Skills

                                           By Mike Moore

1.  Develop an interest in people and become other oriented.

2.  Know what people need and then try to meet those needs.

3.  Ask about their family and be genuinely interested in their answer.

4.  Find people doing something right and praise them generously.

5.  Believe in the collective wisdom of the group.

6.  Talk in terms of a person’s main interest….THEMSELVES.

7.  Always look directly at the person you are speaking to.

8.   Laugh at yourself. When you do you give people permission to laugh at themselves.

9.   Start believing that people are your most valuable resource.

10. Always give credit, don’t take credit.  



These are from my manual, “ Up Your People Skills”
( 101 Ways to Get People to Like You)
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Mike’s Lifeline Sign-up

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Samples of what you receive in Mike’s Lifeline every three weeks.

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Lifeline will also include short humourous quotes, one-liners, inspirational items and funny articles


True Story.

After one of my talks a man came up to me and said,” I bought your book ” Light Up With

Laughter” the last time I heard you speak and now I keep it in the bathroom and read it often.

” Then, with a twinkle in his eye, he added, ” I really find it moves me.”

I started to laugh and said,” Well , if you’re going to be moved that’s the place you want it to happen.”

The Road Less Traveled

My Marriage has unraveled because of Robert Frost.

When I take the road less traveled my wife insists I’m lost.

Bob McKenty



* What Can You Say After This?

I noticed that my gas gauge was pushing empty and decided to pull into a service station to fill up.

A nice young man about 35 years of age began filling the tank as I made small talk to pass the time.

He had a rather sad look about him so I said, ” How are things going, Buddy?” He looked at me and replied, ” Other than the

fact that I’m living from pay to pay, making minimum wage and find it impossible to get a woman to go out with me….Fantastic.

41 Ways to Bullyproof Your Child

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An Anti-bullying Program that Works!


We all know that bullying exists and is having a disastrous impact on the health and well-being of our young people. What we need to know is what we can do about it so that every child is cherished and respected and has an opportunity to achieve their unique potential in a kind and affirming community.

What I want to do with this booklet is provide parents with an easily accessible reference guide that gives them effective tips, tools and techniques to use to develop a bully proof child.

While it might be unrealistic to think that we can stop bullying completely we can do a great deal to give our children the necessary tools and techniques to master the art of verbal self-defense whenever and wherever they are confronted by bullies.

It is important to realize that people bully others because it works for them and we let them get away with it. If we can make it so it doesn’t work for them and we won’t let them get away with it we have a good chance of changing this destructive behaviour.

Why do bullies bully? Well, they bully others for 4 reasons.
1. Attention
2. Power
3. Revenge
4. Inadequacy

When attempting to put a stop to antisocial behaviour like bullying we must always keep in mind what motivates it. Responding to the behaviour without considering what motivates it is futile.


Guarantee… If you don’t like the 41 tips  contained in my Bullyproof pocket guide all you have to do is ask for your money back and it will be done.

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