The Art of Confident Living Mike Moore

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My name is Mike Moore.

Each year I travel extensively throughout Canada and the USA speaking to companies and organizations on the
Power of Humor, Positive Attitude and Self Confidence to promote
health and unleash human potential.

Do you know that we humans only achieve a tiny percentage of our
enormous untapped potential in our lifetime? Some say it’s between 2 and 5 percent?
Can you imagine the self improvement possibilities that could be open to us if we even increased that percentage to 25%? We could literally transform our lives and our world.

I would like to share with you in this special report my self
improvement seminar notes on the subject to help you live more
confidently and explode your untapped potential.
You owe it to yourself and those you love to become all that you can be.
Explode your human potential NOW!!!

Is This You???
I feel panic in social situations

I hate people saying I’m shy in front of others even though they are right
I feel inadequate
I wish I could be more assertive

I am tongue-tied at every a party I attend
I wish I could disappear in social settings
I am a total flop in the romance department.

I never know what to say in social settings.

I don’t have confidence in myself.

I feel that others are better than I am.



Awaken Your Social Butterfly Within!

Here are a few things to think about, digest and apply to your life.
* Thoughts rule the world.
* All you achieve or fail to achieve in life is the result of your thoughts.
* Our thoughts really do shape our lives.
* “ The future is fashioned upon current thinking. ” Og Mandino
* Self mastery begins with thought control.
* When you change your thinking you begin to change your life.
* We are magnets attracting people and situations that are in harmony
with our dominant thoughts.
* Always reject self limiting thoughts.
* There is no limit to human potential.
* Stress is the #1 cause of illness and stress begins with negative
thinking. A situation isn’t stressful. Our response to it is.
* Negative thoughts and emotions can cause illness, positive thoughts
and emotions can result in health. Choose positive over negative.
For more on this read “ The Secret ” by Rhonda Byrne\


Light Up with Laughter

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“If it feels good to laugh then laugh to feel good.”

Light Up with Laughter

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10 reasons why laughter is the best medicine in our quest for health, happiness and the joy of living:

  • Cuts stress in half by reducing cortisol
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases your energy
  • Promotes happiness and joy
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Promotes healing (physical and emotional)
  • Positive humour fosters a positive attitude
  • Promotes social flexibility
  • Increases endorphins (feel good chemicals)
  • Humour has been called SOCIAL GLUE because it bonds us to one another and reduces social conflict

The world needs humour and laughter in a BIG WAY!! Reasons why you need this great book:

  • Stress is making us ill and even killing us
  • We’re living in an age of Rage
  • Violence continues to hurt and divide us
  • We can’t get along with one another at home, at work and even at play
  • We live in fear of so many things and we worry constantly about things that will never happen
  • Huge numbers of us are on antidepressants and tranquilizers (28 million Americans are on antidepressants)

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The Magic of the Night Sky By Mike Moore

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I love the night sky. There is something comforting, mysterious and hopeful about standing under a canopy of swirling stars. Each summer I go camping alone in Canada’s beautiful northland to satisfy a hunger for solitude, wilderness and the night sky. Away from city lights, there is nothing more awe inspiring than a star studded sky in the stillness of the wilderness.

I usually set up camp beside a lonely northern lake providing me with a long horizon and an uninterrupted view of the heavens. As darkness approaches I begin to sense an overwhelming closeness to the mysteries of the universe and a strong connection to the Source of all that is. I become aware of an alternate rhythm to life – a rhythm which is so easily lost amidst the frenetic pace of contemporary existence. Embraced by darkness, with stars too numerous to count and comforted by the gentle lapping of the waves I begin to realize how much I miss living in a city with its incessant, invasive brightness. It is as if I am rediscovering an enormous part of a lost spiritual heritage.

When sleep begins to engulf me and my eyes start to close, I reluctantly move toward my camper not wanting to miss a moment of this celestial display but realizing that I can’t resist the call to slumber any longer. In the warmth of my sleeping bag I let the silence and stillness lull me to sleep with the immortal words of Sophocles gently echoing across the centuries, ” Mortal I know I am, short lived. Yet whenever I stand beneath a multitude of swirling stars I no longer tread this earth, but rise to feast with God and enjoy the food of the immortals.” And so to sleep.

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Student Stress and Anti Bullying Trio

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Pocket Guide ( 53 Natural Stress Busters)

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53 Natural Stress Busters Anyone Can Use

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